5 Best Hemp Products to Try Out This Year

In and around the CBD space, emerging cannabinoids are a hot topic. We’re keeping up with the latest trends and wanted to introduce you to the must-try cannabinoid-specific hemp products of 2022. Whether you shop with Crystal Creek Organics or at your local CBD shop, we can’t recommend these products enough. Check ‘em out! 

Amp Up Your Cannabinoid Profile With Delta-8 THC

You’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding delta-8 THC, but you weren’t sure if it’s safe or how it will affect you. Let us introduce you. Our 25mg delta-8 THC gummies give you a dose of this increasingly popular cannabinoid to let you test its effects up-close. Additionally, they’re backed by Crystal Creek’s small-batch guarantee to ensure you’re taking a quality product that’s undergone lab-test certification. If you’re brand new to delta-8, we recommend taking your first gummy in small pieces at a time. Do not exceed more than one gummy every six hours to ensure you ease into the experience. 

Grab the Cannabinoid of the Hour — CBG

So far, 2022 has been all about inactive cannabinoids CBGa (cannabigerolic acid) and CBDa (cannabidiolic acid). CBGa is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” and CBG (cannabigerol) is its activated form. Crystal Creek Organics offers a high-quality CBG sublingual that is blended with CBD to heighten the entourage effect and support a balanced lifestyle. Although more research is needed on CBG, users have reported its benefit to anxiety and pain relief to be similar to CBD!

Sleep In With a CBN Sublingual

What’s hotter than being well-rested? We get it. The past few years have been hectic, and we all haven’t gotten the best night’s sleep. That’s why this year, we recommend you sample our cannabinol (CBN) sublingual. Our CBD/CBN sublingual is a tour de force, pairing 750mg CBN and 750mg CBD together to offer a truly delightful mix that may melt your fears and help to finally get a good night’s sleep. Over the hemp plant’s lifetime, CBGa converts into cannabinoids like CBN that could help you achieve much-needed relaxation. For best results, try using CBN 30 minutes before you head to bed. 

Achieve Relaxed Joints — CBD Muscle Cream

We have talked about a handful of up-and-coming cannabinoids, but we’re still down to shout out the ever-lovable cannabinoid CBD’s capabilities. Relax and recover your joints with the added support of CBD muscle cream. Muscle and joint pain can be caused by numerous factors including stress, overuse, and injury. Overcome the additional stress and strain of muscle pain by applying a blend of CBD, camphor, and menthol directly over your aching joints to relieve tension and inflammation. 

Stick With the Tried and True: CBD Hemp Flower 

If you’re ready to kick back and relax this year, we know a product that will have your back every time. You may have used CBD hemp flower to relax in the past, but we recommend trying it out again. CBD hemp flower can be used in numerous ways to achieve relaxation. You can consume the flower directly, turn it into an edible or infuse it into numerous products like homemade scrubs or bath bombs. If you’re looking to be uplifted, we recommend Sour Lifter hemp flower, a Sativa-dominant hybrid ready to boost your focus and stir up positive feelings. 

2022 is bound to be the best year yet, and cannabinoids may help you reach at least one of your goals, whether it be relaxing, getting extra sleep, or simply feeling positive. Learn more about how cannabinoids can help you be your best self. We’re happy to help get you started.